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B.Sc., (Nursing) 4 years/DIPLOMA (Nursing) 31/2 years/B.P.T – 41/2 YEARS

Vaanpuram, Manamadurai-606

B.Sc., (Nursing) 4 years
DIPLOMA (Nursing) 31/2 years
B.P.T – 41/2 YEARS
Qualification: Two years gap needed after the Date of Registration in any Nursing council

M.Sc., Nursing 2 Years Programme
Medical and surgical Nursing
Child Health Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Maternity Nursing

Eligibility for admission: AS PER GOVT.NORMS
20 years services in the field of Education
clinical Training in more than 3000 Beds Hospital
after finishing the course placement arranged
in major Hospitals in India and Foreign countries
Cost of application form for B.Sc.(N), B.P.T Rs.250/- M.Sc.(N)Rs.500/- BY CASH/DD

Contact Immediately for Admission
Application form and Prospectus can be obtained from the college office.

Tel;04574-268330, 260081, 260082, 268830


B.E/B.Tech. Degree courses offered CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, Mech.,Civil

Arasanoor, Thirumansolai Post, sivagangai-630 561
(Approved by AICTE, Affiliated to Anna University, Tiruchirappalli)

ADMISSION – 2009-10

Admission for First year & Direct second year
(diploma Holders & B.Sc.Graduates)

B.E/B.Tech. Degree courses offered CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, Mech.,Civil

Top priority for discipline & standards
Experienced faculty
College buses from Madurai & sivagangai
Language lab
Placement cell
4 Mbps Wi-Fi connectivity in college campus
separate hostels for Boys and Girls
well equipped laboratories
MoU with Wipro
MoU with A & T Network system p ltd.
MoU with Transpro engineering Pvt Ltd.

For further details contact our city office:
10, Pandian salai, sivagami Nagar, Narayanapuram, Madurai 014

Ph: 0452-2682338
Mobile: 98423-02628


ADMISSION 2009/MBA,MCA,M.PHIL and Ph.D in Management

(Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Bharathiar University)

Coimbatore-Pollachi Highway, Othakkaimandapam Post, Coimbatore-032.

Ph: 0422-2610428,333,444.

Log on to



And Ph.D in Management

THE INSTITUTION: D.J.Academy for Managerial excellence is a unit of GKD Charity Trust. The Trust was established in the year 1983 by the late cavalier Dr.G.K.Devarajalu, a visionary philanthrophist and founder of LMW group of companies.

DJAME offers a very conducive ambience and practical exposure through teaching seminars, case studies, guest lectures, industrial and corporate visits etc.


Well stacked library with latest books journals and dissertations. Air conditioned hi-tech conference hall. Computer labs with latest software. High speed internet connectivity. Multimedia facilities. Separate and fully furnished hostels for boys and girls. Gym with latest equipments.


Govt.College of Technology,Coimbatore

(Explaining the procedures and methodology)

Venue: Govt.College of Technology.

Auditorium, Thadagam Road, Coimbatore.
Date: 28th June 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 10.00 a.m.

Organised by

Computer Society of India.
95-A, Race Course Road, Coimbatore-018.
Ph: 0422-2200695
Mobile: 97905-21331


School of Architecture,Admissions-B.Arch

(Approved by council of Architecture)
Approval No. CA/5/Academic/TN 19


Contact: Registrar, Karpagam University, Pollachi Main Road, Eachanari post,

Ph: 0422-2611146, 2611828, 2611082

Fax: 0422-2611043, 2611646.

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KGiSL Institute of Information Management

MCA Offered by an industry sponsored institute

Gain 3 years industry experience while you do

MCA Offered by an industry sponsored institute

IIM Unique Features:
Stipened during project period
10 projects within three years
Part time jobs
Wi-Fi campus
Corporate culture
Laptop for all

Any Degree with Mathematics at +2 level (or) any degree with atleast one paper in Maths/Business Maths/Statistics at degree level.

How to apply: Application forms can be obtained from the Admission office by sending a demand draft for Rs.300 in favour of “KGiSL Institute of information Management” payable at coimbatore or can be obtained in person at KGiSL IIM by paying Rs.300

KGiSL Institute of Information Management
(Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Bharathiar University)
Saravanampatti, KGiSL Campus, Coimbatore-641 035.
Contact: 0422-6619936, 6619935,6619960


Dean, Academic Affairs Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

One of the main goals of engineering education is to train individuals to deliver designs that are socially relevant. Modern design is highly inter-disciplinary, supported by strong analysis and mostly involves team effort. A good engineering curriculum for an undergraduate program is fairly broad based.

In fact, the content that is specific to a certain discipline/department is usually no more than 35 to 50 percent of the the total number of credits required for completing an undergraduate program. The curriculum includes generous proportion of courses on engineering and basic science, technical arts, humanities and social sciences, management and overall synthesis and design.

Some examples of the various types of courses are: engineering science —fluid/solid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrical/material/earth/computer science; basic science — physical/mathematical/chemical/life science; technical arts: engineering drawing and visualisation, manufacturing/electrical laboratory.

Students should not get swayed by the popular courses and stick to what they want to doThe choice of a course solely depends on the preference and the liking of the student. A good programme has enough flexibility for the student to take a reasonably large number of electives in inter-disciplinary areas. Super specialisation in a particular discipline is usually accomplished through a masters program via more courses and project/research work.

It should be emphasised that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. Students internalise values from their teachers and peers. The four pillars on which excellence in engineering education rests are (a) high quality and experienced faculty (b) highly motivated students with good aptitude for learning and application (c) good infrastructure, including well equipped laboratories with skilled and motivated staff and (d) a vibrant environment that fosters open interaction amongst all.

The choice of a good engineering institute is far more important than that of a department. Placement for a student who does well in a program should not be a problem in today’s inter-disciplinary world; an aerospace company certainly needs good material scientists and a steel company, similarly, can absorb aerospace engineers who have a good background in fluid mechanics.

A good university offers immense diversity and exposes one to great minds (teachers as well as peers). Successful completion of the programme opens gateways to higher education, entrepreneurship and employment in organisations that are looking for professionals with a difference.


Psychiatrist and Counsellor,Mumbai

Many people are forced to take gap years due to environmental or personal reasons. Marriage, financial constraints, exam preparation and shift in professions are some of the common reasons. Students who wish to study abroad sometimes have to drop a year in order to prepare, both financially and otherwise.

The incentive of immediate job and monetary gains is often the attraction for individuals to take a gap. Many students take a break after their 12th and work in BPOs to earn money and gain independence.

The need for such gap years has also increased due to substantial demands for self growth and discovery. The quick money and a chance to experiment with career choices are big attractions, but after working for sometime many youngsters do realise the importance of higher education and head back to college.

Taking a gap may be a good idea, but what you do with that break is very crucial. Planning a constructive gap can help to go a long way. The ideal thing to do is take up a job which can help you get a practical experience of what you intend to study further. For example, if you want to be a lawyer, try to work at a law firm and gain experience.

This will also help you to make a better career choice and prepare you for the real job. But if the time is not used well the person may end up dropping his/her education completely. Few questions to ask yourself are what you really want to do and where you want to do it. Don’t go ahead without effective planning. Prepare a proper list of priorities and effective strategies for your gap year.

The negative effect of a gap years sometimes leads a person to become a ‘drop out’. Some students feel that it is better to take up a small time job than to get back into the grind of exams and pressure. Many also feel that they have lost the opportunity of doing something better with their lives.

If this gap is not used well a person may go through frustration, anger, resentment and also a feeling of being a failure. Some people resort to negative coping strategies such as drinking, smoking or drug addiction. On the professional front one may end up loosing good opportunities at hand. Effective planning will help in warding off such circumstances.

The gap years have their own pros and cons. Some have benefited, while others have borne the brunt. With gap years students get the time to think of their preferences and pre-plan their next move. Gap years also allow a chance of change and re-do things that required attention.

It gives time for improving family ties, bringing passion back to life, learning self-enhancing techniques and work balance. So, if your risk is calculated and well-planned go ahead and experience the gap. But make this gap a personal or a professional leap.


Principal,College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University

Vocational education guarantees students a meaningful and contemporary education.The curriculum is restructured in response to the changing environment and reflects current issues and concerns. It successfully interweaves general education with work-oriented skills and knowledge. It helps in incorporating knowledge of computers, software applications and communication skills, which are basic requirements for any kind of job in the industry today.

There is a need to change the mindset of the people regarding the status of the vocational education and courses. They are considered somewhat inferior. But vocational education is as important and relevant, if not more, as traditional one. They are tailored to meet the needs of the industry.

Vocational studies make youngsters employableThe future will belong to vocational education as a major portion of Indian population is young and it becomes imperative to impart them with relevant skill to make them productive and employable. The pro-vocational government policy will give further fillip to expansion and diversification of this format of education.

Before enrolling for vocational courses the learner should keep in mind his or her interest, aptitude and aim in life. The course should be opted after due considerations and matching of interest with available courses.

Limited options are available when it comes to choosing vocational courses and the colleges offering them. But the trend of diversification of vocational courses has already started and the colleges and universities offering them are also on the rise. One of the drawbacks of vocational education in India is that the possibilities of higher education are rather limited.

To make them more relevant and popular, they should become more student friendly. This means that those who want to work right after graduation should be able to do so, and those who want to take up further studies in similar areas should have interesting options available as well.


Head, Dept of Physics and Astrophysics,Delhi University

The main reason for the overall decline of the popularity of sciences courses could be ascribed to the bad teaching at different levels, beginning from the primary level and all the the way up to the post graduation level. Good teachers are either not available or not hired for incomprehensible reasons.

Unfortunately, this happens at all levels in our country. At the university undergraduate level it is often found that a teacher is teaching a subject in which he/she is not actually competent and can be more useful for some other subject.

Mathematical sciences which are a backbone of all basic sciences are often not given enough attention, leading to a decline of interest in basic sciences. The science courses despite their depleting popularity continue to be the foundation stone for multiple careers because the basics covered in science courses are needed almost everywhere and in all spheres of life.

Science courses develop scientific thinkingThe science courses also help students in developing a progressive attitude and a culture of scientific thinking. A student from the science background can establish him/herself in almost all the vocations, even those which traditionally do not belong to their domain. The admissions in management institutes clearly reflect the trend of science students - engineers, doctors and other professionals - moving to new pastures.

Science students can be found in all spheres; be it stock-trading, aviation, tourism, entertainment industry, defence, management, etc. The clear advantage the students have is that they don’t have any restrictions in moving from one parallel to another, making them versatile.

A commerce or a humanities student cannot apply to the sectors which belong to the science stream, but a science student has no such restrictions. A science student can also explore professional opportunities in the field of research, teaching, administrative services, consultancy services, etc.


Indian universities were often castigated for not offering student friendly, multi-disciplinary education. But one look at some of the course launched over the past few years, might force you to change that mindset, Now a days, progressive universities such as Delhi University (DU) offer courses which give students the liberty to mix and match seemingly disparate subjects. BA (Programme) is the restructured avatar of BA (Pass).

Job-oriented degrees are the flavour of the seasonWhile the latter was dismissed as a step cousin of BA (Hons) courses, the BA (Programme) deserves greater attention simply because of its liberal approach where one can major in more than one subject. But this course is not an exception.

With each passing year universities across the country have started offering much more flexible and job-oriented courses. Now, one need not go in for vanilla humanities or science programmes. Instead, you can choose a course more or less tailored to meet your demands. For instance, if both business and economics fascinate you, then go in for Bachelors in Business Economics (BBE).

It is offered in several DU colleges and the admission is usually through an entrance exam. In the same vein, a B.Sc in biochemistry or microbiology opens new avenues on the research and job front for those looking beyond pure science courses. Similarly, if it is media that you are interested in, then why wait till postgraduation. Opt for a bachelors in mass communication or journalism.

Some of the prominent colleges offering these are Lady Shi Ram College, Delhi, Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi and St. Xaviers, Mumbai. These courses have been around for some time and are extremely competitive. Even for those in technical streams there are plenty of new options available.

The launch of Chandrayaan has spawned a new generation of space enthusiasts who want to kick-start their career right after school. Indian Institute of Space Science Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, offers B.Tech degree with specialisation in avionic and aerospace engineering.

Several engineering colleges such as IITs and BITS Pilani have now started offering five year dual degrees which enable the students to complete their master’s alongside their “These are a great option for students as they can do a concurrent postgraduation and can save a year,” says Pervin Malhotra, career counsellor.

Home Science is another course which has suffered the step-sisterly treatment but deserves a closer look. Placements in industries across the spectrum are usually a cakewalk for these students. “Most of my students realise that no other course gives this kind of a multi-disciplinary exposure and professional competency,” elaborates Anupa Siddhu, director, Lady Irwin College, (LIC), Delhi University.

While career options such as chartered accountancy and company secretary have been in vogue for some time, actuarial science is also gaining popularity. It is emerging as one of the most well paid option within the field of insurance. The course consists of a set of sixteen papers and can be completed over four to five years.

Social work, often looked down upon as a voluntary or retirement option, is now becoming a sought after career possibility. Bachelors in Social Work (B.S.W) can provide a great grounding for this career.

Thanks to the growing awareness and interest in Indian art, fine art courses have witnessed a resurgence in the past few years. Most graduates, when not keen on freelancing, find lucrative career options in the media.

But while most students choose their course with utmost care, subsidiary courses are not given any consideration. But these courses provide a taste of other streams which can ultimately be useful in your career.

“Choose your subsidiaries with your long- term career goal in mind. For an English student who is interested in media a minor in Hindi would help, as it would reinforce his or her bilinguality,” explains Jitin Chawla, Delhi based career counsellor.

But college is not just about studies. It is about gaining soft skills as well. Make most of college by joining add-on courses, participating in extra curricular activities and networking with other universities. When it comes to building a good profile and a resume these initiatives matter as much as the course you pursue.

Course bonanza

Bachelor of Business Economics
Available at: Delhi University colleges such as Gargi College, SGTB Khalsa College, Maharaja Agrasen College.

Actuarial Science
Available at: Actuarial Society of India, Mumbai.

B.Tech with specialisation in avionics, aerospace engineering
Available at: Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram

Bachelor of Applied Science (H) Food Technology
Available at: Bhaskaracharya college of applied sciences,

Bachelor of Science (H) Biomedical Science
Available at: Bhaskaracharya college of applied sciences, DU

Bachelor of Fashion Technology (Apparel Production)
Available at: National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

Double Hounours
(a) B.B.A (Hons.), LL.B. (Hons)
(b) B.Sc. Technology (Hons.), LL.B. (Hons.)
Available at: National Law University, Jodhpur


Principal,Miranda House, Delhi University

Celebrate: Board exams are over and it is time to step into the brave new world. University education is a great leveler and in the long run it is not marks but your innate aptitude that will determine success in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the process of admissions is a traumatic game of numbers. It is critical to gather in advance accurate information and be prepared to take decisions tuned to your individual traits, expectations and aspirations. Make use of information available in the media and the internet as you embark on mission admission.

Reality check: One size does not fit all. Think of what you really want to do. Do you want just any job or a specific profession? What gives you joy, beyond the classroom? How would you contribute to your college and society at large? What are your skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses? View the answers in the framework of your social support structures and what family and friends say, sifting sage counsel from bias. Create a priority list but do not fret if you find few unambiguous answers to these perennial questions. It takes a lifetime to know.

Course first: Contemporary career paths are increasingly non-linear and often require inter-disciplinary inputs that can be acquired from a wide variety of courses. For instance, if you want to do an MBA, just any course will get you there. Studies in environment and development can be approached from several perspectives. On the other hand, if you want to be a physicist, you do need to pursue physics from the outset. A strong foundation in traditional core subjects will allow you to move later to a wider range of application courses or softer disciplines with ease and greater ability. If the choice of a course is critically important, find the college that will offer this to you. Make sure you check if they have dedicated faculty to deliver the promise.

College first: If you have a special talent or are flexible about what course to pursue, choose a college known for its vibrant commitment to holistic development. Broad-based liberal education in a good college will provide numerous opportunities to discover your interests and develop your innate potential. Choose subject combinations and electives carefully; join add-on courses; participate in extra-curricular activities and community outreach programs; make the most of college life, peer interactions, collaborations, network with other institutions, internships and placements. In the fast changing workplace, employers lay greater emphasis on your portfolio of multi-faceted achievements and soft skills are considered far more important than early specialisation in a particular domain.

Be the change: It is indeed a flat world and no longer is formal education constrained by physical boundaries. Whichever college and course you make it to, have no regrets. The reputation of a college is made by its students and you could very well be the one to elevate it. Do not view the choice of college and course as a make-or-break point that will affect career prospects. The majority of population is able to carve productive career paths in directions quite different from those flagged and coveted at the threshold.

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Post Graduate study and Research Centre

Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University
Approved by UGC Under 12B, 2F Status.

Admission Open for 2009-2010
Under Graduate courses and post graduate courses

B.Sc.(Hotel mgmt & Catering science)
B.B.A (Business Administration
B.Com (Computer application)
B.C.A (Computer application)
B.Sc. (Computer science)

M.Sc. (Business and IT)
M.C.M (Media comm..Mgmt)
M.S.W (Social work)
M.F.T. (Foreign trade)

Unique Features
Free laptop for all students/ Hands on Training/Strong alumni/college of excellence/practical exposure through mini projects/participation at the youth parliament in delhi/ best college awardee of MKU/champions in culturals/Personality development programmes/New value added and value based courses added yearly focusing on current trends/ separate and fully furnished hostels for boys and girls

For further details please contact

The Principal
Kodaikanal Christian college
Paradise hill, Kodaikanal-624 104
Tamil Nadu.

Tel: 04542 242216,17
Res. 04542 241476



Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a half-day standardized test that is a pre-requisite for admission to law schools in US and Canada. It is administered by the LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) four times each year and you can take it at a nearby location. It provides a standard measure of acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools can use as one of several factors in assessing applicants. The test is administered four times a year at various locations around the world. The LSAT is designed to measure skills considered essential for success in law school: the reading and comprehension of complex texts with accuracy and insight; the organization and management of information and the ability to draw reasonable inferences from it; the ability to think critically; and analysis and evaluation of the reasoning and arguments of others.

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a pre-requisite for admission to nearly all the medical schools in North America. Designed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the exam is administered twice a year, in April and in August. It is a full day exam composed of four sections, Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample, and Biological Sciences.

MCAT is a standardized, multiple-choice examination designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, and writing skills in addition to the examinee's knowledge of science concepts and principles prerequisite to the study of medicine. Scores are reported in each of the following areas: Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample, and Biological Sciences. The MCAT assesses mastery of basic concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics, facility with scientific problem solving and critical thinking and writing skills. The skills and concepts tested by the MCAT are those identified by physicians and medical educators as prerequisite for the practice of medicine.

Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration Test (CEMAT)

The Commonwealth Executive MBA/MPA has been offered since mid-2002 through four premier South Asian open universities: Bangladesh Open University (BOU), Indira Gandhi National Open University, (IGNOU, India), Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), and Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU, Pakistan), although the last, AIOU, began offering courses in early 2003. The CEMBA/CEMPA was designed, developed and implemented as a result of collaboration between the four universities and writers from universities in Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This was brokered by COL with funding assistance from the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (CFTC).

The CEMBA/CEMPA program provides an opportunity to acquire both accreditation and valuable training for candidates who are resident of a participating country, possess any sort of undergraduate degree (or have worked in a related field for at least two years) and can pass a test of professional experience and English fluency. Projections for the CEMBA/CEMPA promise a significant short- and long-term human and economic development pay-off for the South Asian Commonwealth region

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

IELTS is an English language assessment test primarily used by those seeking international education, professional recognition, bench-marking to international standards and global mobility. IELTS is owned, developed and delivered through the partnership of the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

IELTS tests the complete range of English language skills which will commonly be encountered by students when studying or training in the medium of English. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Modules. There is an option of either Academic or General Training Reading and Writing Modules. Academic is suitable for candidates planning to undertake higher education study. General Training is suitable for candidates planning to undertake non-academic training or work experience, or for immigration purposes.

IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand academic institutions. American academic institutions are increasingly accepting IELTS for admissions purposes.

IELTS is accepted by many professional organisations including the New Zealand Immigration Service, the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, the Australian Medical Council, the UK General Medical Council and the UK Ministry of Defence.

GRE /Graduate Record Examinations

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardised examination conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Services), United States of America. GRE (Graduate Record Examination) measures the potential of a candidate which almost all the graduate schools and universities abroad demand for the purpose of admission in different streams like Graduate studies, Fellowships Programs and Research Programs etc. ETS representative in India is responsible for conducting the examinations.The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores happen to be one of the several parameters which the Graduate Schools or Universities look into, for assessing an applicant for study in the all the streams except Management. For management streams admission is done through GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).
A high score in GRE (Graduate Record

Examination) alone does not guarantee admission to any of the graduate Schools or Universities abroad, but the test can be looked upon as the first major hurdle to be cleared in the process of getting admission in the Graduate school of choice.
GRE is administered worldwide in two separate sets by Educational Testing Services, United States.

GRE General Tests AND GRE Subject Tests
The GRE General Test measures critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study.

The GRE Subject Tests gauge the undergraduate achievement in eight specific fields of study.

A candidate may take either GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test or both depending upon the courses and the Institute or University requirements.


Test of English as a Foreign Language

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures the aptitude of non-native speakers of English to analyse and comprehend English as it is spoken, written and heard in colleges and universities of America. A large number of students who want to study abroad, particularly in United States take the TOEFL test each year. TOEFL is a prerequisite for admission in the colleges and universities in the United States.
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is administered by Educational Testing Services across the world. Some of the institutes located outside the United States also accept TOEFL score as a measurement of English Proficiency of a candidate.

Many government organisations, licensing, certification agencies, exchange and scholarship programs use TOEFL score to assess the English language proficiency of a candidate whose native language is not English.

If you believe that you should not be required to take the TOEFL test, please write directly to the institutions to which you are applying.
Ordinarily a pass in 10+2 level of any recognised Indian Board or University is a suitable qualification to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. Although the level of test is high.
A score in TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language reflects the English Proficiency of a candidate in English. Generally this test is taken by a candidate who wants to study outside his/her native country especially where English is NOT the native language.

SAT Introduction

SAT is an admission test for entry in the Colleges of America for Under Graduate Courses. SAT is conducted by the college board.

The College Board is a non-profit organisation and committed to the principles of excellence and equity. The commitment of college board embodifies in all of its programs, services, activities and concerns.

USEFI (United States Educational Foundation in India) is a US Educational Information Center affiliated with the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI) strives to provide accurate, comprehensive, current and unbiased information on educational opportunities in the United States. USEFI does not endorse or rank any college or university, nor does endorse services provided by any company or organization in the areas of test preparation, admissions, placement, language training, or visa procurement.


detailed information regarding US educational information centers affiliated with the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, please visit the official websites of US Government.


GMAT /Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test , primarily intended to aid the graduate schools of business for assessing the candidates for study. The test is a required part of the admission process for most of the MBA programmes in the US , Canada and rest of the world.

In addition, there are several institutions within India, like the Indian School of Business (ISB) - Hyderabad, Great Lakes Institute of Management-Chennai, S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) - Mumbai & Dubai, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)-Mumbai and Mudra Institute of Communication ,Ahmedabad (MICA), that consider the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores for entry in their programs.

GMAT (Graduate Management)

Admission Test) is developed and administered by the US-based "Educational Testing Service" (ETS) under the direction of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), a non-profit organization. ETS (Educational Testing services) sets the questions, conducts the test and sends the score report of the examinees. ETS has appointed Testing Agencies in various countries, which act as franchisees for the ETS. In India, this agency is the Prometric Testing (P) Ltd. which administers the test at 9 centres in the country

Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering

One year Certificate Course in computer programming (Four modules) Commencing in the month of July 2009.

Eligibility: Graduate Or Diploma in Engg. However, 12th pass candidates can be considered on merit.

Application procedure: Candidates may collect the application form against cash payment of Rs. 100/- from the Centre (Rs. 25/- for SC/ST candidates) between 10.00 Am to 3.00 PM.

Email :

Further details can be taken from: Tel: 011 – 27372615
Fax: 011 – 27375138

Address: Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi – 110 052

Last date of submission of Forms: 09.07.2009

Last date of Issue of application form : 07.07.2009

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B.E., B.Tech. Degree Courses Offered CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, Mech., Civil

Arasanoor, Thirumansolai Post, Sivagangai-630 561
(Approved by AICTE, Affiliated to Anna University, Tiruchirappalli)

ADMISSION – 2009-10

Admission for First year and Direct second year
(Diploma Holders and B.Sc., Graduates)

B.E., B.Tech. Degree Courses Offered
CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, Mech., Civil


Top Priority for discipline and standards
Experienced Faculty
College buses from Madurai and Sivagangai
Language lab
Placement cell
4 Mbps Wi-Fi connectivity in college campus
Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls
Well equipped Laboratories
MoU with Wipro
MoU with A&T Network system Pvt Ltd.
MoU with Transpro Engineering Pvt Ltd.

For further details contact our city office:
10, Pandian Salai, sivagami Nagar, Narayanapuram, Madurai- 625 014.
Ph: 0452-2682338
Mob: 98423-02628

Harlal Institute of Management and Technology (HIMT)

MBA,BSc (Biotechnology),Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA),Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPhar),BSc (Microbiology),MCA,MEd,BEd

HIMT is affiliated to U.P. Technical University, Lucknow and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and U.P. Government)
Plot No. 8, Institutional Area, Knowledge Park – 1, Distt - Gautam Budh Nagar (U. P)
Greater Noida - Uttar Pradesh
Phone-No: +(91)-(120)-2326880/2326510/2326817 ; Fax: + (91)-(120)-2326817/2326510
Email: ; Website:

ADMISSIONS 2009-2010

Eligibility: 60% at Graduation/PG Level

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.

Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

BSc (Biotechnology)

Eligibility: Intermediate (10+2) in Science / Agriculture with 45% marks

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Eligibility: Intermediate ( 10+2) from a recognized Board (Any discipline)

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.

Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

PG Diploma in management (PGDM)

Eligibility: 50% at Graduation/PG Level/CAT/MAT/Test, G.D. & Interview

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.

Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPhar)

Eligibility: Intermediate (10+2) in Science (PCB/PCM) with 60% marks

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

BSc (Microbiology)

Eligibility: Intermediate (10+2) in Science / Agriculture with 45% marks.

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Eligibility: 60% at Graduation/PG Level (Maths at 10+2 level/Graduation Level with 45%)

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.


Eligibility: 55% in B.ed (from any recognized University)

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Eligibility: 50% at Graduation / PG Level in any discipline

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Eligibility: Intermediate (10+2) from a recognized Board (Any discipline)

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

MSc (Biotechnology)

Eligibility: BSc (Biotech./Agriculture/Botany)

How To Apply:
Download Application Form Free of cost and pay by Demand Draft while submitting the application Form in the Institute.
Get Admission Brochure along with Application Form delivered at your doorstep by requesting to HIMT and Pay Cash on Deliver (V.P.P.)
Step in HIMT's registered office at New Delhi and collect an application form on payment.

Phone-No: +(91)-(120)-2326880/2326510/2326817 ; Fax: + (91)-(120)-2326817/2326510
Email: ; Website:

Delhi Office:
K-101, II Floor, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi.
Ph: 011-29830130, 09213968828, 09818030248, 09811628663


Admissions Open 2009-10,3 year BSc.(Film Technology),1-year DFA (Diploma in Film Acting)

SRM introduces, for the first time in India, a comprehensive 3 year degree program in film technology. Choose from several specializations like direction, cinematography, editing, sound graphics/animation, film producing/marketing or art direction, in fact all you need to be a film professional. Students can broaden their perspective as film maker/actor in the language of their choice. The 1-year diploma in film acting will bone your acting skills.

Courses Offered:

3 year BSc.(Film Technology)

Min.qualification Pass in Higher secondary (any group)

1-year DFA (Diploma in Film Acting)

Min.qualification: Pass in Higher Secondary(any group)

10th July 2009 – Last date for receipt of applications

Admission office: SRM University city campus

No.1, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai (100 feet road), vadapalani, Chennai- 600 026.

For details, contact D.Balaji at +91 94447 68735
+91 2745 4863 Ext.No.114 or

For more details lon on to

(Under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Industrial Safety Engg.) - PG

(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to Anna University, Trichy,)
Sri Gowrinagar, Thimmarasanaichannoor, Aundipatty-625 536.

Theni Dist, Ph: 04546 242970



MBA, MCA AND M.E.(Full Time)
Industrial Safety Engg.) - PG

Fees and Eligibility: As per Tamil Nadu Government Norms

Fees Concession for Deserving Candidates

Salient Features

A Unique Technical Institution Offered 3PG and 6UG Programmes
More than 58 students are placed in leading MNC’s
Offered 4 mbps internet connectivity with Wi-Fi Enabled Campus
Mineral Water Plant, Laptop Facility.
Multimedia Class Room with Audio Visual Facilities
Plasma TV and DTH Dish, VCR, VCD, DVD, LCD
Individual Hostel/Bus facilities for both Boys and Girls.
Group Insurance for parents and students.

Administration Office: 847, II Floor, Near Nehru Statue, Madurai Road, THENI.

Ph: 04546-253230, 255443
Mob: 9894846628


School of Computer Science and Information Technology (SCS,IT)

M.Tech. (CS)
M.Tech.(CS) with Spl in Network Management & Information Security
M.Tech.(CS) with Spl in Information Architecture & Software Engg.
M.Tech. (Bioinformatics)
M.Tech.(CS) (ByResearch)
M.Tech. (Modeling and Simulation)

Date of Counseling: 10.00A.M. 2nd July 2009 at SCS&IT
Student will fill up application form online at or

School of Electronics (SoEx)

M.Tech. (Embedded System)
M.Tech. (Spatial Information Technology)
M.Tech. (Mobile Computing Technology)

Date of Counseling : 10.00A.M. 2nd July 2009 at SoEx

School of Energy & Environmental Studies (SEES)

M.Tech. (Energy Management)

Date of Counseling: 10.00A.M. 2nd July 2009 at SEES
Theme: Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Auditing and Conservation and related Environmental issues incorporating the Accreditation
requirements of Bureau of Energy Efficiency pertaining to Energy Conservation Act' 2001 for Energy Auditors and Energy Managers

School of Future Studies & Planning (SFSP)

M.Tech. (Future Studies & Planning)
M.Tech. (Systems Management)

Date of Counseling:10.00A.M. 7th July 2009 at SFSP

School of Instrumentation (SoI/IET)

M.Tech. (Instrumentation)

Date of Counseling: : 10.00A.M. 7th July 2009 at SoI/IET

School of Physics (SoP)

M.Tech (Laser Sci & App)

Date of Counseling:: 10.00A.M. 4th July 2009 at SoP

Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET)

ME (Comp Engg.) with Spl in Soft Engg.,
ME (Electronics) with Spl in Digital Instru.,
ME (Electronics) with Spl in Digital Comm.,
ME (Industrial Engg. & Mgmt.) ,
ME (Mechanical Engg.) Spl. In Design & Thermal Engg.,
ME(Information Technology) Spl. In Information Security.

All Programmes are offered full time and part time.
Programme in Part Time shall be conducted in the evening for
sponsored candidates. Date of Counseling:: 10.00A.M. 7th July 2009 at IET.

School of Pharmacy (SoPH)

M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Date of Counseling: : 10.00A.M. 14th July 2009 at SoPh

Duration of Full Time Programme: 4 Semesters; Part Time Programme: 6 Semesters,
Financial assistance may be available to GATE qualified FT students as per AICTE/UGC rules
Some seats in each programme are also available for sponsored candidates
Preference will be given to GATE qualified students. Non GATE students may also apply and required to appear in test/interview counseling on respective counseling dates.
Separate Application form must be submitted for separate programme.
Reservation of seats as per rules.
Candidates appearing in the final year exams may also apply. Application Form and other information may be obtained by paying an application fee Rs. 400/- in the form of DD drawn in favour of "Registrar, D.A.V.V. " payable at Indore personally or by post ( a self addressed A4 size envelope fixed with postage stamps for Rs. 50/- must be enclosed). The downloaded (from form must be accompanied with DD of Rs. 400/- in favor of "Registrar, D.A.V.V." Payable at Indore. The completed application form must be submitted to the Head, (Name of School/Institute as above), Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Khandwa Road, Indore MP-452001. The envelope must be subscribed with "Application for M.Tech./ME/M.Pharm" No application shall be entertained without application fee OR received after the last date. For M.Tech programmes in School of computer Science, student need to apply online at or


Issue of Application forms Friday, 01 May, 2009
Last date Thursday, 25 Jun, 2009

For more details visit or website of concerned school.

BSc Nursing ADMISSIONS 2009-2010

DES College of Nursing, Pune

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
Fergusson College campus, Shivajinagar
Pune - Maharashtra
Phone-No: 020 25651744, 25654266, 25655972, 25652469
Email: ; Website:

ADMISSIONS 2009-2010

BSc Nursing

Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent with 50% marks in physics, chemistry, biology and English taken together: candidate should pass 10+2 in first attempt

How To Apply: procure the application form at the cost of 500/- from college office

Fergusson College Campus, Pune 411004, India
Tel.: 91-20-25654266, 25655972, 25652469
Visit at:

Admission Close Date: 30.09.2009

Phone-No: 020 25651744, 25654266, 25655972, 25652469
Email: ; Website:


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


Application are invited for admission to Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) recognized





under affiliation to



Duration : 4 years (Including one year Internship)

Eligibility for Admission : 10+2 or its equivalent with 50% marks in aggregate with PCB and English as subject

Intake Capacity:


Age Limit : Below 21 years as on 1.8.2007

85% seats shall be filled by candidates who have passed the qualifying examination from any school/institution located in Delhi/New Delhi, 15% seats are reserved for Outside Delhi Region.

Reservation and age relaxation to SC/ST and PH/Defence Category candidates as per the norms of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi.

Admission and selection will be done on merit basis in 10+2 with PCB or its equivalent subject to confirmation of eligibility by the University.


Date of Issue of Application : 22.5.2007

Last Date for Issue & Submission of Application Form : 30.6.2007

A set of application form and information bulletin can be obtained in person or by post from AYJNIHH, Northern Regional Centre, Kasturba Niketan, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi-110 024, Phone No. 29815093 on payment of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of "The Assistant Director, AYJNIHH, Northern Regional Centre" payable at New Delhi.

Cheque/IPO/Cash will be not be accepted. Request for application by post should have a self addressed stamped envelope of Rs.30/-. Incomplete application form and those received after last date will be rejected.

For further details please log on to Institute wed site or University web site

Mewar University Chittorgarh Rajasthan

Admission Notice for B.Tech courses,B.Tech-M.Tech/MBA

Mewar University Chittorgarh Rajasthan
(A university u/s 2(f) of UGC Act 1956; Established by Govt. of Rajasthan by Act no. 4 of 2009 with the right to confer degrees u/s 2291) of the UGC Act)
Phone: 01471-291148/58, Mobile: 9414153567
Admission Notice for B.Tech courses
Admission in total 960 seats in 9 branches

B.Tech-M.Tech/MBA: CS, EE, EEE, IT, CIV, MECH, ECE, Biotech will take place on All India Basis through central counseling board (AIEEE-2009). The eligible candidates having the AIEEE-2009 valid score can apply through central counseling starting from 8th to 28th June. and

Manav Rachna International University Faridabad.

B.Sc Hotel Management,Admission 2009

Manav Rachna International University Faridabad
(Declared as deemed to be university under section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, GOI)

B.Sc Hotel Management

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI), founded in 1997, is India’s foremost educational entity and has a reputation for outstanding teaching, as a centre of research and excellence
Now, Manav Rachna International University (MRIU), a deemed to be university and a worthy successor of the same heritage carries forward the mantle of excellence and professionalism with the philosophy of Manav Rachna ‘Vidyantariksha’.
Faridabad institute of technology and science, a constituent department of Manav Rachna International University now offers Bachelor of Science-Hotel Management with training facilities at Hotel Claridges, a five star hotel at Surajkund Badkhal Road, having a strong potential for employment in India and abroad
Eligibility criteria: Minimum 50% marks in 10+2 in any stream
Preparation of merit
• Admission on the basis of Merit in ENAT-2009 (1st preference) and qualifying examination (2nd preference)
Further details are given in the Admission Brochure
• Applications are invited in the prescribed format as given in the Admission Brochure available at the counter with Director – Admissions w.e.f. 18.05.2009 at a cost of Rs. 1000/-
• Admission brochure and application form can also be downloaded from the official website and sent to Director – Admission
Last date for submission of application form is 20th June, 2009
Administrative Headquarters: 5E/1-A, B.P., N.I.T. Faridabad, Phone: 0129-4198600 (30 lines), Email;
MRIU Aravali Campus: Sector-43, Delhi-Surajkund Road, Faridabad, Phone: 0129-4198100 (30 Lines)
SMS MR at 5607090 Call at 1800 102 0707 (toll free)

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology

Admission to the full time Ph.D. Programmes for the session 2009-2010

Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology Longowal Sangrur
(A Govt. of India Institute, Deemed-to-be University)
Advt. No. SLIET/PG/2009/1
Admission to the full time Ph.D. Programmes for the session 2009-2010
Applications are invited from Indian citizens for admission in the following full time Ph.D. programmes for the session 2009-2010

Chemistry: Food Engineering and Technology
Chemical Engineering: Humanities (English) and Management
Computer Science and Engineering: Mathematics (including Statistics)

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering: Mechanical Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering: Physics and Interdisciplinary areas

Minimum Qualifications: Master’s degree in engineering/technology/science/humanities/ management with 55% of marks (50% for SC/ST).

General Information: Scholarships will be given to the selected candidates for the Ph.D programme @ Rs. 14,000/- per month with M.E./M.Tech and Rs. 12,000/- per month with M.A./M.Sc degrees

How to apply: Applications forms and detailed information can be obtained from the office of Dean (PG) of the Institute or can be downloaded from the institute website filled application form shall be submitted to Prof. A.S. Dhaliwal, Dean, (PG) programmes, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Longowal, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab-148106 along with relevant documents on or before July 10, 2009
Separate application must be submitted for each programme.
Selection of the candidates shall be made strictly in accordance with the academic record of the candidates and performance in the interview. For more information contact – 01672-305186

Asia Pacific Institute of Management Studies New Delhi.

BBA ,BCA Admission 2009

(Affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsat)

AIMS 2-in-1 benefit

Location advantage & faculty with rich industry experience

Admission Announcement Session 2009

1. Regular 3 year full-time degree programes

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) (4th batch)

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) (3rd batch)

Eligibility: 10+2 from any recognized Indian Board or International Examination System recognized by Guru Nanak Dev University

2. Regular 2 year full time degree

MBE (Master of Business Economics) (2nd batch)

Eligibility: Graduation with 50% marks

Selection process: For BBA/BCA – based on personal interview and academic record; for MBE – based on AIMS entrance test. Forms can be obtained from Admission Office against cash payment of Rs. 1200/- or by DD of Rs. 1250/- in favour of ‘Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Studies (AIMS)’ payable at New Delhi

• Wi-Fi campus • Networked classrooms • GNDU approved faculty • Placement assistance

For admission details, contact admission office at: Plot No. F-2, Block No. B-1, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi-44, Fax: 011-40541892, Phone: 011-46203036/41/42/44/61/62, Mobile: 9311109070, 9311209070, 9311409070, Email:, Website

Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test -2009

Admission Notice for BE / BTech for Outside Rajasthan Candidate Only

Board of Technical Education, Rajasthan

W-6, Residency Road, Jodhpur

Admission Notice for BE / BTech for Outside Rajasthan Candidate Only

through AIEEE Rank.

Phone: (0291) 2632446 Websites:

Fax: (0291) 2430398

Applications are invited from such candidates only who belong to any State other than Rajasthan State for admission to 1st year of degree engineering courses on the basis of AIEEE rank on 15% seats in the Private Unaided Engineering Institutions and 15% seats in the Self-Financed Courses in Govt. Aided Engineering Institutions of Rajasthan State (except MNIT, BITS Pilani and other deemed and Private universities).

Eligibility: The candidate who belongs to any State other than Rajasthan and must have passed 10+2 examination with the subjects as per AIEEE norms. The candidates having zero or negative AIEEE Rank will not be eligible.

Age Limit: Only those candidates whose date of birth falls on or after October 01, 1984 are eligible. However in the case of Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe(ST) and Physically Handicapped (PH) candidates, upper age limit is relaxed by 5 years, i.e. SC, ST and PH candidates who were born on or after October 01, 1979 are eligible. Date of birth as recorded in the Secondary Education marksheet / certificate only will be taken as authentic.

Merit List: A common merit list of all the eligible candidates shall be declared on the basis of All India Rank in AIEEE.

The merit list will be available on our websites on 16th July 2009.

Counseling through Option Form: The counselling shall be carried out through option form on the basis of the merit and options filled by the candidate in the option form. The candidates are required to fill up the option form (which is available on the website) and submit it along with the prescribed application form. The seats available for Out of Rajasthan candidates in the colleges situated in Rajasthan i.e. SEAT MATRIX is available on the website. The Institute and Branch codes are available in the seat matrix itself. The allotment of seats will be strictly according to the merit of the candidate and as per the options filled by candidate in the option form. The allotment of the Institutes and Branch will be available on the website on 17th July, 2009. If a candidate does not report in the allotted institution the his/her fees (i.e. Rs. 10,000/-) deposited along with the option form will be forefeited.

How To Apply: Demand Draft with Application Form: 11000/- in favour of Coordinator RPET-2009 payable at Jodhpur. The description of this amount is as stated below:

F Rs. 1000/- as Application form fees (Non Refundable)

F Rs. 10000/- to be adjusted against admission fees. (Forfeited if candidate deny to join in the allotted institute as per Option Form and merit.)

Documents to be enclosed with Application form:

1. Option form duly filled in by the candidate in original.

2. Attested photo copy of Mark sheet / Certificate of class 10th /11th in support of the proof for Date of birth.

3. Attested photo copy of Mark sheet of class 12th in support of the proof for the qualifying examination.

4. Attested photo copy of AIEEE Rank card.

5. Attested photo copy of certificate of your concerned state domicile (As a proof of candidates belonging to any State other than Rajasthan State).

6. A demand draft of Rs. 11000/- in favour of Coordinator RPET-2009 payable at Jodhpur.

A candidate will have to apply on prescribed Application Form along with Option Form, which are to be downloaded from our Web Sites. Completely filled Application Form along with all required documents should reach to:

The Coordinator, RPET-2009

Board of Technical Education, Rajasthan

W-6, Residency Road, Jodhpur


Important Dates: Last Date for Receipt of Application Form: 10th July, 2009 upto 5.00 PM. Applications received after last date and time shall not be accepted.

Important Dates:


Last date for submission of application form in RPETEAP-2006 office

Declaration of merit list on web sites

Declaration of allotment list on web sites

Last Date of Reporting in the allotted institutions
Will be informed on website

5.Exam Date: 20 july, 2009.

Monday, June 22, 2009

ORION ed con services,Overseas Education Consultants.

Study in Top Universities

Spot admissions at ORION ED CON SERVICES at Residency Hotel, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore on 25th June 2009, 11 am to 3 pm Board room No.2, Business centre
Interviews by International office staff from Northumbaria University, UK

For appointments contact: Mr.R.Natrajan
Tel: 09360331444, 0422 2909269/2425147

Address: 85 C, Arun Nagar Marudamlai road, Vadavalli, Coimbatore-41 (Above “MORE” Departmental store)



Wuhan University, Central South University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Apply now for July Intakes

Engineering specialities: Aeronautics, Mining and Mechanical

Admission in progress. Limited seats. Grab this opportunity
2003,04,05,06,07,08 successful batches over 800 students from south India


An ISO 9001-2000 Certified company, Reyas complex, Thodankulangara junction, Alappuzha-13, Kerala.
Ph: 04773290332
Chennai: 044 45018756
Mob: 9381498651

Alagapada College of Technology

Anna University - ADMISSIONS 2009-2010

Alagapada College of Technology
Anna University
Guindy - Chennai - Tamil Nadu

ADMISSIONS 2009-2010

Bachelor of Technology (BTech) (Specialization: Automobile Engineering, Rubber and Plastic Technology Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering, Ceramic Technology, Textile Technology, Industrial Bio-Technology, Food Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology.)

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) (Specialization: Civil Engineering, Geo Informatics, Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Printing Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering.)


MBA/ MCA/ MSc. Distance Admissions 2009

MBA - General Management,2. MBA - Technology Management,3. MBA - Financial Services Management,4. MBA - Retail Management,5. MBA - Health Services Management
6. MBA - Human Resources Management

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for admission to MBA, MCA AND M.Sc. Degree Programmes of Distance Mode for the Academic Year 2009 -10 / Calendar Year 2010

MBA Programmes:

1. MBA - General Management
2. MBA - Technology Management
3. MBA - Financial Services Management
4. MBA - Retail Management
5. MBA - Health Services Management
6. MBA - Human Resources Management

(I) Any Bachelor degree" and (II) a pass in the entrance test conducted by Anna University Chennai

MCA emphasizing in
1 Call Centre Management
2 E-Learning
3. Health Care
4. Trading and Equity Management
5. Banking Technology

(I) Any Bachelor degree" The Candidate should have studied Core Mathematics either at,+2 level or Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Oriented subject as one of the subjects at the degree level and (II) a pass in the entrance lest conducted by Anna University Chennai

M.Sc - Information Technology

(I) B.Sc.Mathematics / Computer Science / Information Technology / Software Engineering ' Electronics (or)
B.Sc (Physics / Statistics / Chemistry) / B E S with Mathematics or Computer Science as allied subject (or)
B.Sc. Applied Science (Computer Technology / Information Technology/ Computer Systems Maintenance and Networking) (or)
B.C.A. (or)
BE / B.Tech. (Any branch) and (II) a pass in the entrance test conducted by Anna University Chennai


A. In person
B. By post
C. By downloading blank application forms
D. By applying through online
E. In person at notified study centres outside chennai

DEMAND DRAFTS : All Demand Drafts should be drawn In favour of "The Director, Centre for Distance Education, Anna University Chennai" payable at Chennai and be obtained from any Nationalized Bank

Mode - A, C & D - Rs. 650/- by DD
Mode - B - Rs. 700/- by DD


Last Date of Receipt of filled Applications for Academic Year 2009 -10* batch 24.06.2009

Dates and Duration of Written Entrance Examinations
M.Sc. : 11 07,2009 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
MBA : 12.07.2009 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon
MCA : 12.07.2009 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Chennai: Centre For Distance Education, Ph: 044 - 22203112
Bangalore : SSR College of Science & Commerce, Ph: 080-23107336,9448884488. Baroda : Academy for International Management 8 Engineering Sludies
(AIMES). Ph: 0265-6634050
Cochin: KETEES, Ph; 0484-2377348.
Dhanbad: Coxtan Adminlslrative & Management Collage, Ph: 0326-2312364.
Delhi: Virtual Education Trust, Ph: 011-27347789,09311418895; Step by Step
Institute Ph: 011-22377580
Hyderabad: Vision Informatics & Management Educational Society (VIMES). Ph: 040-23034991.
Kollam: Bishop Catalan! Centre lor Education, Ph: 09446963699.
Kollkatta: Holy Cross Mission School, Ph 033-24453518
Medural: KLN College of Engineenng, Ph: 9843319763.
Mumbai: Southern Chantable Foundation, Ph: 09967211744,09821024675; Saint Francis College, Ph: 022-25923855,259326638.
Pollachi: Sree Ramu College of Arts 4. Science, Ph: 04259-286230.
Pondlcherry: Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineenng College. Ph: 9843611886.
Pune; PAI International Centre lor Management Excellence, Ph: 09766117466; JVR Sludy Circle, Ph: 020-25536407,09960731651
Ramanathipuram: Salhak Instjtuteof Information Technology, Ph: 04567-225304 Srinagar: Global College of Professional Studies. Ph: 0194-2303890,9966354073
Trtchy: Jamal Mormmed College, Ph: 0431-2331015;

For more details visit

MCA/ MBA Regular/ Part Time Admissions 2009

(1) M.B.A. (Regular),MB.A. (Part-time - Self Supporting), M.C.A.

Anna University, Chennai invites applications for admission to:

(1) M.B.A. (Regular).
(2) MB.A. (Part-time - Self Supporting),
(3) M.C.A.
Degree Programmes offered at the College of engineering Guindy
Campus, Anna University Chennai.
Candidates must have appeared for TANCET 2009 in the respective programme(s)

1) M.B.A. (Regular) and M.B.A. (Part-Time-SS): Should be a pass in any recognised Bachelor Degree with minimum 3 years duration (10*2+3 or 4 years pattern) or (10 + 3 years Diploma + 3 years pattern)

2) M.C.A. (Regular) and M.C.A. (Evening-SS): Should be a pass in any recognised Bachelor Degree of minimum 3 years duration (10*2*3 yean) in any discipline with Mathematics or Business Mathematics at +2 level (or) with Mathematics / Statistics as one of the subjects at the degree level.

The selection is based on the marks obtained in the respective Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) 2009 conducted by Anna University Chennai, Chennai-25 Separate Application has to be submitted for
(1) M.B.A. (Regular). .
(2) M.B.A. (Part-time - SS) and a common application for (3) M.C.A.
(Regular / Evening - SS) Degree Programmes.
APPLICATION FORMS can be obtained in the following two modes :
On payment by Cash or Demand Draft (Rs.300/- (or General category and Rs.150/- for SC/ST candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu on production of a copy of Permanent Community Certificate) at the Examination Centre, Anna University Chennai.


The registration fee should be in the form of DD for Rs.300/- (Rs.150/- for SC/ST Candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu)

The filled-in applications should be sent to the Director, Admissions, 1 Examination Centre, Anna University Chennai, Chennai-25. All DDs should be drawn in favour of the Director, Admissions, Anna University Chennai payable at Chennai obtained from any natiionalized bank on or after 14.06.2009
Last date for issue & submission of filled-in
application in person & by post 30.06.2009

For details Visit: and contact Telephone No. : 044 - 2220 3616

Department of Anna University Chennai.

B.Arch Degree Programme,5 Year (10 Sem).

Government Aided Institution and the seats surrendered by the Un-aided Self Finance Engineering Colleges for the academic year 2009.

Application Forms:
Application forms can be had in person from 22.06.2009 at the Examination Centre, Anna University Chennai, Chennai - 600 025 on payment of Cash / Demand Draft for Rs.500/- for General category and Rs.250/- for SC/SCA/ST candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu on production of xerox copy of Permanent Community Certificate Card.
Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of "The Director, Admissions, Anna University Chennai, Chennai - 600 025 payable at Chennai.

Application forms can be obtained by post by sending a Demand Draft for Rs.700/- for General Category and Rs.450/- for SC/SCA/ST candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu and an address label written in capital letters to which the application is to be mailed.

For further details, eligibility, etc. visit Anna University Chennai website :
Telephone No.044-2220 3617,2220 3618.2220 3619

1. Commencement of issue of applications: 22.06.2009
2. Last date for issue and submission : 04.07. 2009 (5.30 p.m.)

Al - Ameen Arts, Science and Commerce College ,Bangalore.

Master of Commerce (MCom),Master of Science (MSc)

Al - Ameen Arts, Science and Commerce College
Bangalore University
Hosur Road, Near Lalbagh Road Main gate, Bangalore - Karnataka
Phone-No: 2222 2402 Extn : 713 / 720 ; Fax: 080 2224 6565
Email: ; Website:

ADMISSIONS 2009-2010

Master of Commerce (MCom)
Master of Science (MSc)


Candidates who have secured at least 50% marks in commerce subjects of in their B. Com. / BBM Degree Examination of Bangalore University of any other University recognized as equivalent thereto are eligible to apply. Student appearing for their Final Semester examinations can also apply.

Admission - Candidates who are selected for admission to the M. Com. Program must indicate their acceptance by paying the full fees. Otherwise it will be assumed that the candidate does not want to avail of the offer of add mission and the offer will stand cancelled.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Specialization: Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Zoology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Maths, Computer Science Physics, Maths, Electronics, Maths, Electronics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Botany, Industrial Microbiology (Vocational Course)

For B.Com course is pass in commerce / accountancy at PUC level.

Candidates who have passed with any combination like Arts, Science or Commerce are eligible for B.A.

Candidates opting for B.Sc, PMCS or PME should have studied mathematics & Physics at PUC level.

Candidates opting for B.Sc Microbiology / Biotechnology should have studied chemistry & Botany / Zoology / Biology at PUC level.


Phone-No: 2222 2402 Extn : 713 / 720 ; Fax: 080 2224 6565
Email: ; Website:

All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG) Janakpuri - New Delhi.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Medical Laboratory Technology)

All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG)
(A Govt recognised Educational Institute)
Bharat Ratna Sardar VallabhBhai Patel Bhawan, 22-23 Institutional Area, 'D' Block, Janakpuri - New Delhi
Phone-No: 011 - 28525465, 28521783 ; Fax: 011 – 28522117
Email: ; Website:

ADMISSIONS 2009-2010

Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Medical Laboratory Technology)

Eligibility: 12th Standard Science passed with minimum 45 marks, 5 relaxation for the students from SC / ST/ OBC category. 10th standard pass DMLT / CMLT minimum 2 year experience as Laboratory Assistant. These students will have to appear for the entrance test in June. Candidates who have passed 10+2 of CBSC or any other Board in Medical Laboratory Techniques (As a vocational course) are also eligible. They would be given preference at the time of admission. These students will get 5% relaxation of marks at the time of admission. Provided that he / she is not below the age of 21 years on July 1 of the year of admission.

Offering Centers:

Mumbai, Nashik, Thiruvananthapuram

Diploma in Local Govt. Services (LGS)

Eligibility: Senior and Middle level Executives of Municipal Councils and Corporations from various States.

Offering Centers: Kalyan, Mumbai, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, Pune.

Diploma in Local Self Government (LSGD)

Eligibility: Middle Level Municipal Personnel.

Offering Centers:

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Belgaum, Jaipur, Kalyan, Kolhapur, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nashik, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Pimpri Chinchward, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara.

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration (PGDHA)

Eligibility: Graduates in any faculty, from a Recognised University. Preference will be given to Medical Graduates (MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS), including Nursing Graduates, Life Sciences Graduates. Candidates with experience in Hospital and Healthcare and Sponsored candidates will get priority.

Offering Centers:
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Rajkot, Thiruvananthapuram

Diploma in Food Safety and Hygiene (DFSH)

Eligibility: Candidates who passed BSc or 12th Std. Science or S.I. Diploma Course, Jr. Health Inspectors' and Sr. Health Inspectors'.

Offering Centers: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, Thiruvananthapuram

Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (PGDMLT)

Eligibility: BSc with Chemistry / Microbiology / Life Science / Botany / Zoology as a major / principal subject with minimum 50 percent marks and 45 percent for candidates under Reserved Category.

Diploma in Public Health Services (DPHS)

Eligibility: Candidates who have passed Xllth Science or Graduates from any streams (except Fine Arts, Music, Classical Dance, Languages or Diploma in Nursing or Diploma in Engineearing. or 2 years Technical Course after 10th Std. Subject to the condition that English has been one of the subjects in the study of the above course.

Offering Centers: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai , Navi Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram

Phone-No: 011 - 28525465, 28521783 ; Fax: 011 – 28522117
Email: ; Website: